Sounder Natural Amplifier

The Sounder is a natural amplifier for your tablet or iPhone that doubles the volume without electricity or batteries. The Sounder holds your iPhone or tablet vertically or horizontally, and doubles the volume in either position, and is perfect for music, video, television, films and FaceTime, Skype, or video chat. Your tablet or iPhone can stay plugged in when using the Sounder wide-screen. Sounders are made from reclaimed lumber harvested from New York City buildings undergoing renovation. The Sounders in the photos are made from 200-year-old old-growth yellow pine.

The video shows both the prototype and the original design Sounder, which holds the iPad in a vertical position only.

The prototype for the Kindle is made from a modified Sounder with a portion of the underside cut away to accept the Kindle. In the same way, the prototype for the iPhone is made from a modified Sounder mini with a portion of the underside cut away to accept the iPhone 5. All the photos (except the first) are of the two prototypes.


about 1 year ago


about 1 year ago

Kind of cool, good luck.

about 1 year ago

Very Nice!!!

about 1 year ago

This should be on kickstarter/indiegogo

about 1 year ago

Wonderful. No cable or plug-in. Slick design.

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